Lab Orientation Instructions

Members of the University of Pittsburgh community, and non-Pitt users who have completed contracting and approval as described under Become a User, will have the unique ability to access the NFCF after completing the following registration and training process, listed below.

If you have not checked the prerequisites for your user type (Pitt Internal, External Non-Profit, External For-Profit) please see the yellow box at the top right of this page to select your user type and reivew the prerequisits to completing your Orientation.

For complete instructions on each step, please click on the links.

1. Online Requests and Trainings - complete instruction for each step is provided at the links below.


2. Fabrication / Cleanroom -*If applicable

*If fabrication / cleanroom access is NOT needed, skip step 2.

3. Equipment Training Access

  • Pitt ID is now activated to open the applicable lab doors.
  • FOM access is granted.
  • Discussion of scope of project available with NFCF Staff
  • Equipment training requests are submitted through FOM, and you will have access to requests for equipment training in FOM once the above process is completed.


A general overview of the process for signup is provided as follows:

3 Steps to NFCF Access

IP/Confidentiality Statement


The NFCF is a multi-user Characterization and Nanofabrication facility, please review our expectations of all users to ensure the integrity of the facility.