Wire Bonder – West Bond 4KE

The West Bond 4KE wire bonder is a tool to bond/connect conducting wires from electronic devices to chip carrier/PCB boards. This West Bond 4KEH Series features Semi-Automatic, Motorized Y/Z Axes, and 90° deep access Wedge-Wedge bonding. Currently, this machine only provides deep access wedge bond for 1mil gold wires.

Key Features

  • Low Frequency (63kHz) Wedge-Wedge and Ball-Wedge Bonding Machine.
  • Standard adjustable height working platform.
  • Deep access 90° wedge bond with 1 mil gold wire.
  • Semi-automatic bonding.
  • Heat adjustable Working stage.

photo of Wirebonder in our lab

Key Applications

  • Nanoelectronics devices wire bonding
  • Bioelectronics devices wire bonding

General Documentation

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Jun Chen or Matt France


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