Internal Users

Expectations of All Users

The NFCF is a multi-user cleanroom, please review our expectations of all users to ensure the integrity of the facility.  


As a member of the University of Pittsburgh community, you have the unique ability to have access to the NFCF after you complete the registration and training process listed below. 

  1. Sign up on FOM - New users must go to FOM (Facility Online Manager) and complete the "I am a New User" form, please do not inlcude any spaces in your username. You will need a valid University account number (32-digits). When you complete the form you should receive a e-mail confirmation from the NFCF. If you do not receive an email in two days, please send an inquiry to After you recieve the confrimation e-mail, you should review the NFCF Policies and new users must attened orientation.
  2. Prox Cards - If you do not have a Prox Card, the NFCF will order one for you and it will be available in two to four weeks. If you already have a Prox Card from a differnt University of Pittsburgh organization, send us the 5 digit number located on lower right corner on the back of the card. A University of Pittsburgh student ID will work. This ID card allows you to have access to the NFCF laboratory area once orientation is complete. 
  3. Orientation - Specific instructions for arranging orientation are included in the confirmation letter. The number of people in each session is limited and you must make a reservation. To reserve space please e-mail your choice of date to A scheduled orientation session will be cancelled if no one makes a reservation by 4:00pm of the day prior. Orientation is held at the NFCF office, room M104, and in the NFCF, rooms SB 60-63 in Benedum Hall. If no one arrives, please call 3-8001 on the phone located in the hall right outside the NFCF, this number is also listed near the phone. 
  4. Training - Training is required before new users can use any of the NFCF instruments. Training is done by staff or qualifed voluneers and is arraged to fit their schedules. Training is done of a first come first serve and is dependent on the status of the machine. There may be a waiting list. Training times vary depending on the level of difficulty for each instrument and additional training may be required by the staff before a user is authorized for full use of the instrument.


All billing for University of Pittsburgh users is through a 32-digit University account number. This must be obtained from your department accounting staff  (students can contact their supervisor if they're unsure about the account number). The subcode for all account numbers must be 6491.