Commercial Users

Using the Facility:

Commercial users have two options using the facility:

Option 1 - Fee for Service: The NFCF staff will run the procedure and return the results when completed. The user will need to provide the samples and a scope of work. The requester is welcome to come and observe the work done in the facility. 

Detailed steps:

  1. Contact the NFCF Technical Director Esta Abelev ( to discuss project feasibility and for design assistance.
  2. Create a Scope of Work - Our staff will help to create a Scope of Work that will contain:
    • A description of the work that you want completed
    • A timeline for the work's completion
    • The maximum amount you are willing to spend

Option 2 – become facility user: The user will run the procedure on their own, they have to attend orientation and go through training of the relevant equipment. Assistance from the NFCF staff can be provided if requested at an additional cost.

Detailed steps:

  1. Contact the facility to discuss project feasibility and for design assistance.
    • Nanofabrication and Characterization Facility (NFCF): Esta Abelev
  2. Submit an access request on FOM (Facility Online System)
  3. Complete and submit and external user agreement (link needed here) provided by facility director.
    • Please complete exhibit A in user agreement to elaborate your scope of work.(Facility Director will review and contact requester with any questions)
  4. Complete the following new user training modules:
    • Attend University of Pittsburgh Safety class.  Here you can find schedule for Chemical Hygiene Training (no need to do Formaldehyde which is second part of the training). After attending the class notify NFCF Technical Director of your class completion.
    • NFCF Orientation training, contact Esta Abelev to   schedule training.
    • Receive training on equipment related to the scope of your work.
  5. Obtain proximity access card to facility from Panther Central.

(Note in case you are planning to get trained and use X-ray diffractometer you will have to get Certificate of Analytical X-Ray Training. To schedule the training contact Kevin Bohner,, 412-624-7963. After completion of the training you will receive radiation ring and can schedule equipment training).