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For all University of Pittsburgh Community Members 

This includes Students, Faculty, and Staff of University of Pittsburgh - the following steps apply to gaining direct user access to the NanoScale Fabrication and Characterization Lab, located in the Sub Basement floor of Benedum Hall, room SB 60-63.  If you are a faculty member and do not wish to gain direct access to operate the equipment yourself, you may reach out to us about planning for arrival for your students or for options related to service.


General lab access certification can be completed via the following steps 1-5.

  1. Ensure that you have an FOM account or create one:
  2. Complete the basic (pre-covid) training that can be found here - 
  3. Send me a copy of Chem Hygiene - (screenshot or forward email)
  4. Watch the updated general training COVID compliance conference call recording for later quiz too - (you can follow along with the content here)
  5. AFTER watching the above video (#4), please complete the following quiz -


General lab access grants you access to all equipment listed in Characterization side of the lab, as well as the fabrication tools indicated as Dicer, PLD, DSC, and PDC.


Cleanroom lab access certification can be completed via the following steps 1-3.

Based on your research needs, you may additionally wish to prepare for Cleanroom equipment access.  We recommend to only pursue this step if you have confirmed need for equipment in the Cleanroom within the next 6 months.  Lithography, Deposition, Dry Etching, Surface profiling, Thermal processing, and Hoods are all located in the cleanroom, as listed here.  Submitting a request for a piece of equipment in the cleanroom will automatically prompt the orientation.

Note: Please complete the general lab orientation steps above, first, as prerequisite.


  1. Cleanroom basic pre-COVID training found here - Become a User 
  2. Review gowning procedure with COVID procedure included -
  3. Followed by a virtual walkthrough scheduled with the Administrative Coordinator, to finalize cleanroom access.  

The Walkthrough will include review the following content provided here.


At any time during the process you may contact the Administrative Coordinator for assistance with this process by emailing