Jörg Wiezorek Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science


Fax: 412-624-4846
538 BEH
Pittsburgh, PA


Electronic Structure, Interfaces and Transformations in Nano-Metals, Thin Films and Composites

Dr. Wiezorek's research group studies advanced materials and processes using and developing methods for the quantitative characterization by electron, ion and X-ray beam methods (TEM, SEM, FIB, XRD) and other modern micro-characterization techniques (SPM, AFM…). Combining experimental observations down to atomic level detail and appropriate computer simulations with the principles and practice of physical metallurgy and metal physics leads to the discovery of novel materials and materials behaviors, explanations of the mechanical, magnetic and other physical properties of structural and functional materials, with an emphasis on intermetallic and metallic systems.  The research aims to explain the microstructural and phase transformation responses to external stimuli experienced during processing and/or in-service performance and related to properties exhibited by the materials.  Past research has focused on mechanical and physical properties and structural transformation phenomena in bulk and thin film nano-materials, including dynamic visualization of structural changes and property measurements by in-situ TEM studies.
Current research thrusts include: (1) Determination of the electron density andchemical bonding in tetragonal and ferromagnetic intermetallics by nano-scale quantitative electron diffraction; (2) Enhancing the degradation resistance of structural metal alloys in the extreme environments of nuclear and fossil-fuel power plants by surface modification (nano-scaling) and grain-boundary-engineering; (3) Ultrafast (nano-scale spatio-temporal resolution) TEM imaging and diffraction for in-situ study of rapid transient phenomena in metal and alloy thin films.

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