Haitao Liu Assistant Professor, Chemistry


201 Eberly
Pittsburgh, PA


Molecular Lithography through DNA-mediated Etching of SiO2

Keywords: Nanolithography, DNA Nanostructure

Our group is developing a novel molecular lithography technique in which the geometric information of the desired nanoscale pattern is encoded into the sequences of a library of DNA strands. Liu 1Upon hybridization and deposition onto the substrate, these DNA strands form an extended nanostructure that will be used as the template to etch the substrate into the intended patterns.
Our laboratory recently discovered that DNA nanostructures modulate the gas-phase HF etching of SiO2 at the single molecule level. Depending on the reaction conditions, the SiO2 within several nanometers of the DNA can be etched away at a different rate from the rest of the clean SiO2, resulting in either a positive-tone or a negative-tone pattern transfer from the DNA to the SiO2 substrate. Sub-20nm features were obtained using single strand of lambda-DNA as the template.


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