Götz Veser Professor, Chemical Engineering


Fax: 412-624-9639
1232 BEH
Pittsburgh, PA


Nanomaterials for reactive applications; Reactions in nanoconfinements

Keywords: Nanomaterials; catalysis; CO2 capture; energy technology; materials stability

Nanomaterials are opening endless novel possibilities across areas ranging from materials science to physics, chemistry, and engineering. By engineering materials on the molecular scale, it has become possible to tailor the physical and chemical - and hence the functional - properties of many materials.
VeserBeyond the investigation of structure-property relationships for nanomaterials for catalysis (such as impact of size, shape, and composition of materials on their reactive properties), our research focusses on the development of cost-effective and scalable synthesis pathways which result in robust nanomaterials.  In this way, we aim to address cost and stability as two of the key hurdles towards commercialization of nanomaterials.
Additionally, we are utilizing some of the materials that we are developing in the above described effort for fundamental investigations into the impact of nanoconfinement on physical and chemical properties of materials and molecules.
Finally, triggered by concerns regarding potential health and environmental effects resulting from wide-spread use of nanomaterials, we have recently started to investigate the toxicity of nanomaterials in collaboration with colleagues at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

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