Fischione Instruments Model 1050 TEM Mill

Key Features

  • A state-of-the-art ion milling and polishing system. It is compact, precise, and consistently produces high-quality transmission electron microscopy (TEM) specimens with large electron transparent areas from a wide variety of materials.
  • Two independently adjustable TrueFocus ion sources.
  • High energy operation for rapid milling; low energy operation for specimen polishing.
  • Ion source maintains its small beam diameter over a wide range of operating energies (100 eV to 6 keV).
  • Simple setup of milling parameters.
  • Individual, automatic ion source gas control.
  • Continuously adjustable milling angle range of -10 to +10 ̊
  • Specimen rocking or rotation with ion beam sequencing.
  • Automatic termination.
  • Liquid nitrogen-cooled specimen stage.

Key Applications and available processes

  • Single or double sided thinning of materials for transmission electron microscopy
  • Argon ion milling rates typically in the 0 – 10 um/hr range

General Documentation

Fischione Instruments Model 1050 TEM Mill SOP (standard operation procedure)


Daniel Lamont or Matt France

 Fischione Instruments Model 1050 TEM Mill

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