Fischione Instruments Model 1040 NanoMill

Key Features

  • The Fischione Model 1040 NanoMill is a low-energy, low-angle argon ion milling instrument used for preparing ultra-thin, high-quality transmission electron microscopy (TEM) specimens. The system is used for removing the amorphous damage layer on TEM specimens prepared by focused ion beam (FIB) milling, and for the final thinning of conventionally prepared and FIB prepared TEM specimens.
  • Ultra-low energy ion source, variable from 50 eV to 2 keV.
  • Concentrated argon ion beam, with a diameter down to 1 µm at 2 keV.
  • Milling angle range: -10° to +30°.
  • Liquid nitrogen-cooled specimen stage.
  • Ion-induced secondary electron imaging of the specimen.
  • Oil-free vacuum system with a base pressure of 3 x 10-5 Pa and an operating pressure of 1 x 10-2 Pa.
  • Removal of amorphous and implanted layers on TEM specimens prepared by FIB milling.
  • Final thinning of conventionally prepared TEM specimens.

Key Applications and available processes

  • Precise Ar ion milling of FIB cut (or conventional) samples for transmission electron microscopy to remove residual amorphization or ion implantation
  • Ion milling rates typically in the 0 – 10 nm/min range

General Documentation

Fischione Instruments Model 1040 NanoMill SOP (standard operation procedure)


Daniel Lamont or Matt France

Fischione Instruments Model 1040 NanoMill

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