PINSE Pricing

The NanoScale Fabrication and Characterization Facility (NFCF) operates on a fee basis.  Internal users will provide a 32 digit University of Pittsburgh account number from their supervisor or PI in FOM in order to support their research and work in the lab.  External users are invoiced and payment may be submitted via check.

If you have any questions, needs, or concerns related to below details, please email for assistance

The below chart indicates the cost of service for each equipment listed in the lab, please review all details.  Prices are updated for use starting July 1, 2021 and forward.

Important Notes to Understanding Pricing 

- Reservations are encouraged for all equipment, and required for high demand equipment.  Length of reservations should be sufficient to complete the work planned during your run.

- No-show and automatic cancellation of reservation occurs 30 minutes after the start of your reservation, you must be in the lab before signing in to check machine.

- Use of equipment is charged the cost of one hour for each log in.  After one hour, each subsequent minute is prorated cost.

- FOM tracks actual usage hours to generate bills, therefore forgetting to log out it can significantly increase a bill.  Please contact with correct times in case of forgotten logoff.

For Staff Hours Related to Training/ Service 

Staff Assistance Hourly Cost
Internal Pitt Users
External non-profit
External Commercial
NFCF Facility Staff Hourly Cost
Training Hours- equipment training hours$60$80$140
Service hours- staff scientific processing$60$80$140
Pleast Note that all staff hours are to be charged as an add-on fee, to be calculated as follows: 

   Staff Hours (shown here) 

+ Related Equipment Usage Hours (as indicated below)

   Total Amount 


Please note that for any of the following equipment, staff provided training is required as prerequisite to independent use of the machine.  The above costs are applicable during training in the same way that they are for service hours. 

View Estimated Training Lengths and Primary Personnel Here 

For Cleanroom/ Fabrication Facility

Cleanroom Hourly Pricing by NFCF Service
Internal Pitt Users
External non-profit
External Commercial
Equipment included in service offering:  

CR Service 1:

Fabrication Services


e-beam Evaporator (Thermionics)
HMDS Oven 
Hoods(4) (Acid, Lithography Developer/ spinner)
Mask Aligners (2: Suss and Quintel) 
Optical Microscope 
Parylene Deposition 
Plasma Asher (March PX500)
Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD) 
Rapid Thermal Anneal (RTA - SSI Solaris100)
Reactive Ion Etcher (RIE by Trion)
Surface Profiler
Tube Furnace Oxidation/ Annealing

CR Service 2:

Advanced Lithography Capabilities 

$33$90$130Direct Laser Writer (MLA100) 
Disco D321 Dicer 
Electron Beam Lithography (EBL Raith e-line) 

CR Serivice 3:

Advanced Deposition and Etching Techniques


Angstrom Sputtering System 
ICP-RIE PlasmaTherm (Cl and Fl)
Coater (PDC 2010)
Plasma Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition System (PE-ALD Fiji G2) 
Plassys E-Beam Evaporator 
Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD) 
Sputter/ Evaporation System (AJA)

Add-on: Staff Time (hourly, as detailed above)$60$80$140
As Detailed above 
First hour of any equipment usage is full price

For Characterization Facility 

Characterization Hourly Pricing by NFCF Service
Internal Pitt Users
External non-profit
External Commercial
Equipment included in service offering:  

Characterization Service 1:

  Characterization Services


Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)
Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC) 
Fourier Transform InfraRed Scpectroscopy (FT-IR) 
Microspectrophotomer (MSP) 
Raman Microscope 
Simultaneous Thermal Analyzer (TGA)

Characterization Service 2:

  Transmission Electron Microscope 

$55$115$150FIB-SEM Scios Dual Beam FEI System 
Environmental Transmission Electron Microscope (Hitachi 9500) 
Transmission Electron Miscroscope (JOEL 2100F) 

Characterization Serivice 3:

  Scanning Electron Microscope 


Electron Probe MicroAnalyzer (EPMA) 
Zeiss SIGMA 500VP SEM Apreo SEM with EDAX EDS and EBSD

Characterization Service 4: 

X-Ray Diffraction


Bruker X-Ray Diffractometer
Panalytical X-Ray Diffarctometer

Characterization Serivce 5: 

Aberration-corrected TEM 

$82$145$210Titan Themis G2 200 Probe Cs Corrected Scanning TEM 

Characterization Add-on 1:

General Sample Preparation (hourly) 


Fischione Dimple Grinder Model 200
Fischione Plasma Cleaner Model 1070
Fischione SEM Mill Model 1060
Fischione TEM Mill Moldel 1050
Fischione Twin-Jet E-Polisher Model 110
Fischione Ultrasonic Cutter Model 170
PDMS preparation area 
PIE Tergeo EM Plasma cleaner 
Denton Sputter Coater 

Characterization Add-on 2:

Fischione NanoMill

Add-on: Staff Time (hourly, as detailed above)$60$80$140As Detailed above 
First hour of any equipment usage is full price


Other important cost related items and incentive programs: 





Deposition Metals available in Plassys and AJA deposition systems and Angstrom Thermal Evaporation System

Gold (Au 99.999%)

  • Discounted price is available on Angstrom Thermal Evaporation system with this material

Nanometer on Plassys

Nanometer on Angstrom



Platinum (Pt 99.999%)



Palladium (Pd 99.995%)



Silver (Ag 99.999%)



Gold Palladium custom mix (AuPd 70/30 AT% purity 99.95%)



Metals-Other currently available


no charge

Various other available supplies 

All listed in FOM

Consumable Fee Schedule 

Attendance Fees 

No-Show and Cancellation Fee Policy




Pitt Users 

All External

Cancellation greater than 24 hours prior to reservation

No Charge 

No Charge 

Cancellation less than 24 hours prior to reservation 

No Show on any reservation 30 minutes after start time 

Equipment access sanctions

Equivalent cost 1 hour equipment

Internal Users Cap Per PI Trial Program

Pitt Internal Users Only 

Available for Internal University of Pittsburgh Users only. 

An Equipment usage cap will be implemented with a monthly/ yearly notch to enable cost-prediction for grant proposals. 

Academic monthly cap per PI group: $2,750 per month. 

Academic yearly cap per PI group: $27,500 per fiscal year. 

These caps apply only to equipment use.  Training, sample/ process service, consumables, and cancellation/ no-show fees are not capped and will be billed as a surcharge.