Chemical Hygiene Certificate

All users are required to complete the Pitt Department of Environmental Health and Safety ‘Chemical Hygiene’ training via their online offering before using the NFCF facility.  You will be asked to provide your Certification of Completion (originally sent to you via email) before you are granted access to the lab, i.e., before your facility access can be activated or any equipment training can be offered.  The following instructions may be used to retrieve your existing certificate or to take the training for the first time.  

  • Go to, If you do not already have an account you can create one using the link at the top right
  • After logging in, click “All Modules,” toward the top of the Module Listings.  (If this page does not come up immediately after loging in, you can find it by clicking on the "Home" tab, then clicking on "Internet-based Studies in Education & Research" under the tools section to find the correct link in the the training interface.)
  • Expand "All Modules" then scroll down alphabetically until you find one called “Chemical Hygiene Training (Formerly RPF Module 10) -Update

A "test-out" option is available and may be used by anyone interested in doing so.  If test-out is not successful, the course will automatically load; there will be no negative ramifications for this attempt.

Please note, these instructions work best in Chrome and Windows 10.  If you have any difficulty in processing the requests for your Chemical Hygiene Training, please contact for further assistance.

After completion of the training, forward a copy of the certification to Screen capture or forward of the certification email are sufficient forms of providing the document. 

Depending on the instruments a user wishes to use additional safety training may be required.

The next step is to review your University of Pittsburgh card type (if any).  You may return to the complete New User instructions overview by clicking here.