Metal Consumables

The following charges are to be applied for evaporation and sputtering precious metals in the Plassys and AJA deposition systems, as it is important for us to recover those supply costs. For precious metals, the exact thickness deposited will be used for determining the amount of metal used.  These prices are based on the cost of the material when it was purchased by the NFCF, so it is subject to change with the market value; with current prices the surcharges will be:

Gold: $150/100nm
Platinum: $80/100nm
Palladium: $90/100nm
Silver: $5.00/100nm

Additionally, gold and palladium usage in the e-beam evaporator will be applied at market cost per gram, weight of crucible will be logged by staff members of the NFCF after each use for calculation.

Other supplies may be requested through the FOM supplies interface, or requested from NFCF employees.