Zeiss Sigma 500 VP

Zeiss Sigma 500 VP Analytical FE-SEM with Oxford Microanalysis



Zeiss Sigma 500VP

The Sigma is a field-emission SEM that produces exceptional images at high and low accelerating voltages. Together with its analytical capabilities, this instrument is suitable for a wide range of applications in materials and life science.


Technical Specs:

  •  Electron source: Schottky thermal field emitter
  • Accelerating voltage range: 0.2 to 30 kV
  • Current range: 4 pA to 20 nA
  • Variable pressure range: 2-133 Pa
  • Detectors: In-lens secondary electron, Everhart-Thornley secondary electron, variable pressure secondary electron, backscattered electron
  • Resolution at 1 kV/ 15 kV: 2.8 nm/1.5 nm
  • Maximum image size: 3072 x 2304 pixels
  • Large sample chamber that can accommodate specimens up to 250 mm diameter and 45 mm tall


Sigma Techniques:

  • Energy-dispersive X-ray analysis (EDX): 80 mm silicon-drift detector enables rapid determination of elemental compositions and acquisition of compositional maps
  • Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy (STEM): Using a specialised detector, bright- and dark-field STEM images can be acquired from thin samplesn-Immersion FESEM Column
  • High resolution field emission-SEM column, with:
  • High stability Schottky field emission gun
  • Beam  current range: 1 pA to 400 nA
  • Accelerating voltage range: 200 eV – 30 keV


 Safety and Training Requirements:

This device requires on-site, in person training prior to use.

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