Environmental Transmission Electron Microscope (ETEM)

Environmental Transmission Electron Microscope (ETEM)


Hitachi H-9500

The Hitachi H-9500 ETEM is specifically designed for in-situ observations at environmental conditions up to 10-2 Pa. Besides regular single-tilt and double-tilt specimen holders, there is a double-tilt heating holder available for studies of specimen from room temperature up to 1000oC with/out a gas, e.g. H2, O2, CO, CH3OH, or CH4. It also equipped with Bruker Quantax energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS) system for elemental analysis at TEM mode.


Technical Specs:





0.102 nm lattice; 0.180 point


Max specimen tilt angles

+/- 15°

Specimen holder dependent

Acceleration Voltage

300 keV; 200 keV; 100 keV

300 kV standard


Zoom1: x1,000 – x1,500,000

Zoom2 (SA): x4,000 – x500,000

Low Mag: x200 – x500


Camera Length (SAED)

0.25 – 3.0 m (5 steps)

Rotation corrected

Spot size

Micro: 0.05 – 0.2 um (4 steps)

Nano: 1 – 10 nm (4 steps)


Condenser Lens Aperture

10, 30, 50, 100 um


Objective Length Aperture

10, 30, 70, 150 um


Selective Area Aperture (ED)

20, 50, 100, 250 um


Probe size

Micron 1-4 = 50 – 200 nm

Nano 1-4 = 1 nm, 2 nm, 4 nm, 10 nm



Safety and Training Requirements:

This device requires on-site, in person training prior to use.

Prior to usage of equipment review the following safety pages and Cryogens SOP.


Photo of the ETEM

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