Sputter Coater for SEM Sample Preparation


Hummer® 10.2

Metal sputtering system (Gold Palladium target) with Carbon Evaporation Accessory.


Technical Specs:

  • Single cabinet design with all assemblies in the cabinetry.
  • Integral dual stage direct drive rotary vane 1.4 cfm vacuum pump.
  • Manually controlled operation in plate mode.
  • 3000 volt, 30 milliamperes power supply.
  • Target 75 mm x 50 mm annulus.
  • Safety Interlock Hardware for vacuum and high voltage.
  • Automatic vent at process termination.
  • Stage diameter accommodates up to 12 SEM pin stubs.
  • Stage diameter accommodates up to 75 mm diameter substrates.
  • Grain size less than 2 nanometers.
  • Plus/minus 10% uniformity over 75 mm diameter substrates without rotation of the sample.
  • Chamber 115 mm diameter x 125 mm height.
  • System is 559 mm x 508 mm x 356 mm. (w,d,h)
  • Digital display of vacuum
  • Digital display of current.


Safety and Training Requirements:

This device requires on-site, in person training prior to use.


Photo of the Hummer Coater

Facility: Characterization
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