Joanne I. Yeh Associate Professor, Structural Biology; Bioengineering; Director, X-ray Crystallography


Fax: 412-202-7681
1036 BST3
Pittsburgh, PA


Coordinated Biosensor

Keywords: Biosensor; Nanobiosensor; Nanoelectrode

Integrating expertise in 3D structural determination of macromolecules and assemblies, materials characterization, and biophysical analyses, Dr. Yeh pioneered the“coordinated nanobiosensing” method, producing nanobiosensors and biosensors used in studies which have been published in Biosensors & Bioelectronics, Nanomedicine, Nature, NanoLetters, and other journals.  The coordinated biosensing strategy is creates a biomimetic, modular electrochemical nanobiosensor for the detection of different targets with very high sensitivity and selectivity.  Since these nanobiosensor is miniaturized, simple, easy to use, cost effective and adaptable, this method offers a promising approach to the development of point-of-care clinical diagnostic devices ad environmental tools.  These novel coordinated nanobiosensors could be used for the detection of biologically-relevant compounds, such as hydrogen peroxide, glucose, DNA and cancer biomarkers.