Alexander Star Associate Professor, Chemistry


Fax: 412-624-4027
112 Eberly Hall
Pittsburgh, PA


Synthesis and Exploration of Novel Carbon-based Nanomaterials

Keywords: chemical sensors, biosensors, catalysis, carbon nanotubes, graphene, biodegradation, nanomaterials, fuel cells

StarEmploying the bottom-up approach of controlled chemical vapor deposition (CVD), we fabricate single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWNTs) and other novel carbon-based nanomaterials. These materials are further modified to impart new properties. Methods of functionalization include: oxidation through enzymatic biodegradation, labeling via covalent linking, decorating with nanoparticles, and the non-covalent attachment of synthetic or natural ligands/polymers. Moreover, the products of both the synthesis and functionalization stages of our research undergo rigorous characterization by a variety of microscopy and spectroscopy techniques as well as electrochemistry and solid-state electrical transport measurements. The results of our research have led to positive steps in the development of novel applications, which include the production of chemical and biological sensors, energy conversion devices (fuel cells), and drug delivery.

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