Litho Hood

Lithography Hood Divider

Reynoldstech Fabricators Stainless Steel Lithography Hood with Spinner

The hood is equipped with a sink and Deionized water faucet and sprayer which is distilled water that is then filtered and supplied at 18 Meg ohm or better. It is also equipped dry nitrogen and vacuum connections. There is an ultrasonic shaker as well as digital and stirring hot plates available for the hood. The single wafer spin processor is located in this hood. In addition to solvents, a variety of photoresists are stocked for use in this hood.


Technical Specs:

  • Equipped with:
    • DI Water
      • Supplied at 18 Meg ohm or better.
    • Nitrogen Supply
    • Vacuum
    • Spinner
    • Hot Plates
    • Ultrasonic Shaker
  • A variety of solvents, resist, and developers are provided

Photo of the TEM

Facility: Fabrication
Location: SB 61

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