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Raith ‘e-LiNE’ Ultra high resolution Electron Beam Lithography e_LiNE

This EBL is a versatile e-beam system for nano structuring, pattern inspection, dimensional metrology and nano engineering. The e-LiNE electron optical column matches perfectly with a number of key applications in CNT research, thin film engineering, photonic crystals and EBID.


Technical Specs:

  • Laser Height Sensing
    • Deflects a laser off the sample surface to maintain focus over large areas.
    • Can control with a working distance range of 6.5 to 8.5 mm
    • Capable of continuous focus correction.
    • Capable of leveling the sample surface for extremely flat substrates
  • Gas Injection System (GIS) Option:
    • Electron Beam Induced Deposition (EBID)
      • Insulators using PMCPS Precursor
      • Platinum using (Me3)MeCpPT Precursor
      • Tungsten using W(CO)6 Precursor
    • Electron Beam Induced Etching (EBIE)
      • Water Reactant using MgSO4-7H2O Precursor. Etches PMMA, and Carbon. Can also add O contact to insulators.
      • Flourine Reactant using a XeF2 precursor. Etches Silicon Oxide, silicon and tungsten
  • Plasma Cleaner
    • Capable of cleaning the sample surface of hydrocarbons prior to processing.
  • Filament Type: Schottky thermal field emission
  • Stage Travel: 100 x 100 x 30 mm
  • Beam Size: 2nm @ 20keV
  • Beam Current Range: 5 pA - 20 nA
  • Beam Energy: 100eV @ 30keV
  • Current Density: >7.5 A/cm2
  • Current Stability: <5% / hour
  • Beam Resolution: 2nm @ 20 keV, 4nm @ 1 keV
  • Detector: In lens, Everhart Thornley
  • Minimum Line Width: 20nm guaranteed
  • Stitching Accuracy: 60nm
  • Overlay accuracy: 40nm
  • Import file format: GDSII, DXF, ASCII, BMP

Photo of the TEM

Facility: Fabrication
Location: SB 61A

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