CRAIC QDI 2010 UV-VIS-NIR: 200-2100 nm

The CRAIC QDI 2010 Microspectrophotometer combines the latest technologies to allow the user to measure UV-visible-NIR range transmission, absorbance, reflectance, emission and fluorescence spectra of samples ranging from the sub-micron to well over 100 microns across.  And while microspectra are being acquired, the sample may be simultaneously viewed with a high-resolution digital imaging system or through eyepieces with the DirecVu package and research grade microscope optics.  Deep UV and NIR digital imaging are new capabilities for this instrument.



Technical Specs:

  • Deep UV to NIR microspectroscopy and Deep UV to NIR imaging.
  • Integrated TE cooled array detector for low noise and long-term stability
  • Ultraviolet-visible-NIR spectra in one shot
  • Transmission, reflectance, fluorescence, and polarization spectroscopy of microscopic samples
  • Variable measurement areas down to sub-micron 
  • Superior image both with eyepieces and digital imaging


Safety and Training Requirements:

This device requires on-site, in person training prior to use.

Prior to usage of equipment review the following safety pages.


Photo of the TEM

Facility: Characterization
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