Spectroscopic Phase Modulated


Horiba Joben Yvon UVISEL

The HORIBAJOBINYVON UVISEL Spectroscopic Phase Modulated Ellipsometer (SPME) is a unique instrument that incorporates a photoelastic device to modulate the polarization without any mechanical movement. The phase modulation technology provides significant advantages in terms of performance and experimental versatility. When compared to conventional ellipsometers, the UVISEL spectroscopic ellipsometer features high accuracy determination of the ellipsometric angles (Y, D) across their full range allowing superior precision and sensitivity for the characterization of transparent substrates, ultra-thin films and films with low index contrast. Owing to the phase modulation technology, the UVISEL spectroscopic ellipsometer performs advanced measurements of the degree of polarization, anisotropy and Mueller Matrix elements. The fastest acquisition speed at up to 1 ms/point is guaranteed, making the instrument the ideal solution for dynamic studies and liquid-surface measurements. It covers a wide spectral range from 190 to 2100 nm and offers a large range of automation features and accessories to best match the system capabilities to experimental demand. Its modular design allows the UVISEL to be used ex-situ, in-situ, or to be integrated into a cabinet to provide a smaller footprint and clean-room compatibility.



Technical Specs:

  • Highest precision and sensitivity.
  • Wide spectral range: 190 to 2100 nm
  • Modular design
  • Fully integrated spectroscopic ellipsometry software package


Safety and Training Requirements:

This device requires on-site, in person training prior to use.

Prior to usage of equipment review the following safety pages.

Photo of the TEM

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