X-ray Diffraction System (XRD)

High-Sensitivity Modular X-ray Diffraction System (XRD)



This system brings innovative Thin Film Solutions from the forefront of research to quality control, product and process development. Third generation Göbel Mirrors provide the highest x-ray flux density, which is essential for all thin film applications.  The entire system is designed for easy and failsafe operation. High performance optics are selected and exchanged to provide the best resolution for each application and sample. XRD Wizard and XRD Commander support the user in the most intuitive creation of comprehensive measurements and intelligent scripts take care of the routine work. The evaluation programs LEPTOS and MULTEX Area guarantee that you stay on the forefront of science.



Technical Specs:

  • Motorized absorber for fully automatic operation without user intervention.
  • Stages: UMC stages and Eulerian cradles for residual stress, texture, micro-diffraction and other investigations. Special stage for temperature studies 30 – 900 oC
  • Detectors: Ultra GID for nanometer layers and the VANTEC-1 detector for reciprocal space maps.
  • Softwares:  XRD Wizard, XRD Commander, LEPTOS and MULTEX Area.


Safety and Training Requirements:

This device requires on-site, in person training prior to use.

Prior to usage of equipment review the following safety pages.


Photo of the XRD

Facility: Characterization
Location: SB 60

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