Electron Probe Micro Analyzer (EPMA)


Electron Probe Micro-Analyzer



The JEOL JXA-8530F (FEG) "Hyperprobe" electron probe microanalyzer (EPMA-electron microprobe analyzer), installed in 2011, includes five wavelength-dispersive spectrometers (WDS), an energy-dispersive spectrometer (EDS) and Windows-XP-based processing software. It permits imaging of features as small as 5-10 nanometers and quantitative analytical (chemical) resolution of features perhaps as small as 200 nm (~800 nm @10 kV). This analytical resolution applies to both quantitative analysis and extremely high-resolution chemical mapping.  Accelerating voltage may be varied from 0.5 to 30 kV and probe (beam) currents maybe be varied from picoamps (especially for high-resolution imaging) to microamps (especially to detect low-concentration elements).  The most typical operating conditions are 15 kV, 10 - 20 nanoamps, though these currents may be revised downward with additional experience with this new instrument.  At present, we are offering SOP sessions as available, including WDS quantitative work, electron imaging, EDS qualitative inspections, qualitative WDS scans, and sample chemical mapping (including WDS).

Available WDS analyzing crystals on the five-spectrometer channels are:
  1. Gas-flow, P-10: LDE1 6-10 (Ka), 20-29 (La) or TAP 8-15 (Ka), 24-41 (La), 57-80 (Ma)
  2. Gas-flow, P-10: LDE2 5-8 (Ka), 20-29 (La) or TAP 8-15 (Ka), 24-41 (La), 57-80 (Ma)
  3. Sealed, Xenon: PETJ 13-26 (Ka), 36-66 (La), 71-92 (Ma) or LIF 19-38 (Ka), 48-93 (La)
  4. Sealed Xenon: PETL 13-26 (Ka), 36-66 (La), 71-92 (Ma) 
EDS Detector: JEOL SDD (silicon drift detector ) - Silicon Drift x-ray detector with 10 mm2 active area; 133 eV resolution. Detects Boron thru Uranium.
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