Metal Consumables

The following charges are to be applied for evaporation and sputtering precious metals in the Plassys and AJA deposition systems, as it is important for us to recover those supply costs. For precious metals, the exact thickness deposited will be used for determining the amount of metal used.  These prices are based on the cost of the material when it was purchased by the NFCF, so it is subject to change with the market value; with current prices the surcharges will be:

Gold: on Plassys $1.50 / nm -- on Angstrom Thermal Evaporator $1.00 / nm
Platinum: $1.00 / nm
Palladium: $0.90 / nm
Silver: $0.05 / nm
Gold Palladium 70 / 30 AT%:  $2.00 / nm

Please note that if any of the above materials that are used during a session during the logout screen:

At time of logout from Plassys or AJA, numerical representation of the use of the following 5 materials should be provided as shown.

Showing the precious metal menu from FOM

If a different material is used in plassys machine, we request note of what material was used, or note that none was used if applicable.

Other supplies may be requested through the FOM supplies interface, or requested from NFCF employees.