Hood 1 contains all photoresists, spinners, and hot plates used for photolithography processes. Hood 2 contains all electron beam resists, spinner, and hot plates used for electron beam lithography and is also suited for basic pattern development. Hood 3 offers a wide range of developers and removers, an ultrasonic bath, and hot plates to assist in all non-acidic development and wafer cleaning processes. Hood 4 offers the safety equipment and chemicals necessary for acidic wafer development. Hoods 1, 2, 3, all offer acetone, IPA, methanol, and DI water.


General Documentation

Acid / Caustic Hood SOP (standard operation procedure)

Lithography Hoods 1-3 SOP (standard operation procdure)


Acid/Caustic Hood, processes available:

Acetic Acid

Citric Acid

Hydrochloric Acid (38%)

Hydrogen Peroxide (30%)

Hydrofluoric Acid (48%)

Lactic Acid

Sulfuric Acid

Phosphoric Acid

Nitric acid

Buffered Oxide Etch, 7:1 with Surfactant

Buffered Oxide Etch, 10:1 with Surfactant

Al etchant- Transene type D

Cr etchant-Transene 1020

Gold Etchant – Type TFA

Tantalum Etchant


Developer hood , chemistry available:

SU-8 Developer (for SU8 and Nanoscribe IP resist)

1165 Remover

Remover PG

Surpass 3000 (promotor)


AZ 400T Stripper

ZEP 520A Developer (n-Amyl acetate, 99%)

ZEP520A Remover


Inorganic cabinet:

Remover R404 S

Developer ma-D 525

351 (UN 1824 Sodium Hydroxide Solution)

AZ 300 MIF Developer

AZ 400K 1:4

351 MF-CD-26 Developer

Ammonium Sulfide (NH4)2S


Spinner hood 1:

AZ 400K 1:4

351 MF-CD-26 Developer

Ammonium Sulfide (NH4)2S

AZ 400K 1:4

351 MF-CD-26 Developer

Ammonium Sulfide (NH4)2S

AZ 400K 1:4

AZ P4210

AZ P4110

AZ P4620


AZ 5214-E IR

AquaSAVE 532A

Spinner hood 2:

PMMA 950K A1

PMMA 950K A2

PMMA 950K A3

PMMA 950K A4

PMMA 495K A4

ZEP 520A

ZEP 520A 1.7:1 Diluted

MCC 80/20 Primer

HMDS Primer


PMMA thinner

mma(8.5) MAA EL9

mma(8.5) MAA EL13

ma-N 2403

ZEP 520A 2.5:1

ZEP 520A 3.5:1 (weight)

Anisole, 99%, Extra Dry AcroSeal

Acrylic Polymer


Photo of Spinner Hoods


Hood Oven:

Compact drying oven for baking semiconductor samples and heat treatment of bottles. It is an accessory of the hood1.

Key Features

Photo of Hood 1 Oven

  • Temperature range: 10~250 C
  • Temperature precision: ± 1 C
  • Temperature uniformity: ± 3 C
  • Dimensions: 40x46x40 cm

Key Applications and available processes

  • Samples baking
  • Heat treatment of bottles(with some particular photoresist like viscous SU8)






Jun Chen, Esta Abelev, or Dan Lamont


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