Facility Walk-Through

For those requesting Cleanroom Access, a lab walk-through will follow your online orientation certificate being received by NFCF Staff. 

After you complete all prior online steps, you will be contacted to inquire about the equipment you will need to access. A list of equipment is provided here.

During COVID-19, This Step Includes:

Cleanroom walkthrough will be provided by video conference, virtual tour, and content review.

NFCF uses Microsoft Teams for video conference training.  The content that will be reviewed in this training can be found here if you would like to review in advance.

Please consider the following information before your first in-person visit after COVID-19 new user training:

Please alert staff that it is your first visit when you arrange your first training.  If your first training is in the Characterization side of the lab, and you later take a training on Cleanroom side, you will additionally need to alert staff that it is your first visit to the cleanroom side.

Access Details and Dress Code:

For characterization access only, the following will apply:

You will be provided an informational packet electronically, and asked to provide your Pitt ID details so that we can grant you access to the lab.  The NFCF uses a Prox Chip access system for all doors.  We can help you determine if you have this type of chip in your card, as it is not always included in initial card setup.  If you do not have the chip, we can advise about how to obtain one, and if you do not have a Pitt ID, we can help you obtain the card necessary for access.  For questions, about access, or for problems with existing access, contact nfcfadmn@pitt.edu.

For those who require Cleanroom equipment use, the following will apply:

You will be provided the current schedule at the time of completion.  The walk-through orientation is about 30 minutes in length, with an additional 15-30 minutes available for questions as needed.  Please bring your University of Pittsburgh ID if you have one.  Assistance with obtaining an ID will be provided following the walk-through for those who may need to obtain one.

Dress Code for Lab is required for Any Lab Visit (including in-person walkthrough):

Shoes that completely & securely cover the foot must be worn at all times in all NFCF labs

  • No sandals, strap heels, slides, flip-flops, slipper or sock type shoes, Crocks, or similar type shoe & absolutely no bare feet! 
  • No platforms, wedges or high heels (shoe covers reduce traction)
  • No Boots or other shoes with deeply grooved shoe soles (this type of sole frequently picks up rocks and deposits them in the lab) 

November 1 – March 31 - please bring a pair of shoes that have not been exposed to road salt or mud, to be worn in the NFCF.  A space for outdoor shoes is provided under our locker unit.

Additional dress code items:

  • Do not wear Extremely Fuzzy fabrics into any of the NFCF labs
  • No garments with high, turtle neck type collars or hoods are not to be worn into the Cleanroom
  • For long hair, please bring a hair tie.  When entering the Cleanroom, you will be putting on face covering, hair covers, shoe covers, gloves & Cleanroom coveralls; please be sure to wear appropriate clothing for this portion.
  • Bulky items such as backpacks and coats will not be permitted inside the lab.  If you will be attending the cleanroom walkthrough, any items that may not be taken into the cleanroom are also not permitted.  These items will be left in the NFCF offices during the walk-through.

During COVID-19, there will be no user access to our Office.  If in the future you need to know the location of the staff offices, you may follow these directions.

The walk-through will take place in the NFCF Office area, Room M104 Benedum Hall.  Room M104 is accessed by Stairwell 1, NW corner of Benedum (stairwell nearest the corner of Bouquet and O’Hara, and also nearest the Ladies restrooms), between the Sub Basement (SB) & Ground (G) levels.  Mezzanine (M) level is not accessible by the main elevators, but if you need an elevator, we have an accessibility lift - the most direct access is via the stairwell mentioned.  The door to M104 is locked, so please call 3-8001 from the phone by the door for access.  If you cannot find Room M104, instructions are posted on the NFCF Lab Entrance, Room SB 60-63 Benedum Hall.  To reach SB 60-63 take the main passenger elevators to the SB level, exit the elevators, make a U-Turn to the right, go to the end of the hall, turn into the hall to the left, SB 60-63 is on the right.  If you are still unable to find Room M104 call 3-8001 from the phone in the hall by the NFCF Lab Entrance or from any University wall phone.  If you would like to call from a personal phone, the full phone number is 412-383-8001, we will be happy to help direct you to the NFCF office area.

If you have any questions or if you do not receive an invite to attend a walk-through following completion of online orientation, please contact nfcfadmn@pitt.edu.