Fee For Service Internal Request

The following process for requesting Fee-For-Service work is applicable during COVID-19 starting Phase-1 and forward.

For University of Pittsburgh Internal Users only:

You may request service assistance during the ramp-up for COVID-19 reopening by the following process:

A request form is available to University of Pittsburgh users by clicking here.

(University Login Required to access form, which utilizes Office 365) 


Please note that during COVID-19 ramp-up we expect high demand for staff processing of projects.  We have designed a priority-tiering selection to help us best address the expected demand.


How to prepare for submitting a request

Information Required for submitting a job request includes:

(1)    A short descriptive title

  • For example, “Zeiss SEM characterization of Au NP” or “Dicing of quartz substrates”

(2)    Primary Contact information

  • The principle contact should be available to liaise with NFCF staff to assist with questions related to the scope and execution of the FFS job.

(3)    Anticipated start date

(4)    Please see the PINSE Pricing section of our website for additional information regarding equipment usage price tiers.  Note that for service the cost of equipment hourly is combined with the staff cost hourly.  Please contact us if you have any questions.  


Supplemental Information

Often when submitting a job request that is complex or broad in scope it is useful to include an amount of supplemental information. 

The job request submission form provides a secure mechanism for the inclusion of supplemental file(s) useful for describing complex protocols. An “Additional Information” text field is also provided in form’s supplemental information section.


If you are external to the University of Pittsburgh community, please refer to a staff member for guidance.  Under COVID-19 ramp-up we do not yet have a procedure defined, but would like the opportunity to assess your needs.