Teams - NFCF Microsoft Teams instructions

PINSE - NFCF Public – on Microsoft Teams for University of Pittsburgh

This is a public team geared to users of the Petersen Institute of NanoScience and Engineering (PINSE) Nanoscale Fabrication and Characterization Facility (NFCF).  It is intended to provide a practical chat-based workspace where NFCF users and NFCF staff can communicate and provide access to relevant conversation and files.

Who can use this Team?

You must have a University of Pittsburgh login in order to use this service.  Any member of the University of Pittsburgh may use their Computing Service login credentials to access this service.

External users may be granted limited access by an NFCF Staff member on request.

How to Join

There are multiple ways to join this University of Pittsburgh public team.  The following are available directly to those with University of Pittsburgh login credentials.  Outsider users will need to contact a staff member to be added.

  • You may navigate to and proceed with one of the following two options:
    • Use the “join Team with code” function - use Team code:  1c1liuo
    • or use the "Search teams" control, and search for "NFCF - PINSE Public" and click “join”
    • You may also join via this link: NFCF - PINSE Public team

Accessing Microsoft Teams

For your first time accessing teams, you will need to be signed into your Pitt Porral, including office365, with your University of Pittsburgh account: Office Authentication.  If you do not download an app, this authentication will be required for all access and continue to be used in this way during all access points if desired.

Some users may wish to install and use the TEAMS app, using your University of Pittsburgh login credentials in the TEAMS app to gain access.  The Teams app will remember your login credentials for ease of ongoing access.  The download will be offered to you at the point of access at any of the above links, via the Office 365 access point at the MyPitt Portal.

Using the NFCF - PINSE Public Team

The NFCF-PINSE Public team is organized for ease of use for all users and staff.  The following general notes will assist you in optimizing your user experience with the Team.


Cannels appear on the left bar of the app, from the Team’s main room.  These can be accessed by clicking on the listed item in the app.  At the launch, this team contains five channels. A brief description of each follows.

General Channel

The General channel is the default channel it is intended for general NFCF issues and questions. It may also be useful for meta questions about the use of the team. This channel currently houses three tabs; "Posts", "Files", and a wiki document "About This Team"


The Buddy-System channel is part of a lab safety package intended to allows user working 'after-hours' the ability to check-in and communicate with a designated 'Buddy'.

  • Teams Electronic Buddies are required for any after-hour use, when staff are not present at the lab.  During COVID-19 there are no in-person buddies, and the following guidance is suggested.
  • You will need to have a buddy arranged for yourself in advance of your scheduled equipment time
  • Buddy system is required regardless of whether the equipment you are using is considered dangerous or not.
  • If a nearby bay is in use while you are in the lab, you and the other user can arrange that you’ll be at 6 foot + distance while using the lab and keep sufficient contact for safety.  If your buddy leaves, they or someone else must maintain electronic contact.  Please plan accordingly.
  • Whether your buddy is in the lab or remote – the Buddy channel should be used for buddy check-in tracking. 
  • In an emergency, your buddy should assist you themself or contact Pitt police at 412-624-2121 to get help.
  • Staff will have access to the Teams buddy-system group, and we plan to review your use of the buddy channel to ensure users are meeting the safety requirements.
  • Check-in should be performed via video chat, or text, at a frequency sufficient for the equipment in use. 
  • Contact points should be made in Teams not more than 60 minutes apart, as well as at the time safe exit of the lab, this should be reported and confirmed both by worker and buddy.
  • Reminder: staff are available as buddy during their work hours on site, and for after hours you will arrange your own buddy through the teams channel.

CH - Characterization  / CR - Cleanroom / TEM - TEM

The CH - Characterization, CR - Cleanroom, and TEM-TEM channels are intended for general discussion and sharing of useful files related to the characterization, cleanroom, and TEM facilities respectively. A collection of SOP has been added to  CH and CR channels.

Additional Useful Teams Information

  • NFCF Staff tag: The NFCF scientific staff are tagged on this team as @NFCF Staff.  By adding the tag @NFCF Staff to a post, all staff members will be notified of your post.
  • Emailing a channel: Any channel of a team can be emailed. You can "Get the Email" address of a channel by clicking on the ellipse control next to a team name.  This is a useful feature for rapidly sharing a file to the channel via an email attachment.