Fischione Instruments Model 200 Dimpling Grinder

Key Features

  • The Model 200 Dimpling Grinder is a state-of-the-art mechanical grinder for preparing electron microscopy samples. It is indispensable when ion milling is used for final specimen thinning. Once the specimen is pre-thinned by dimpling, ion milling must remove only a relatively small amount of material.
  • High-quality specimens for transmission electron microscopy need to be both rugged and have a large electron transparent area for analysis.
  • Dimpling is a rapid technique that involves rotating both the grinding wheel and the specimen.

Key Applications and available processes

  • Precision grinding of center of 3 mm diameter disks to < 10 um, to promote shorter times for subsequent Argon ion milling of samples for transmission electron microscopy
  • Grinding rates typically in the 0 – 6 um/min range
  • Useful for ceramic or metallic samples

General Documentation

Fischione Instruments Model 200 Dimpling Grinder SOP (standard operation procedure)


Daniel Lamont or Matt France

Fischione Instruments Model 200 Dimpling Grinder

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