Fischione Instruments Model 180 XTEM Prep Kit

Key Features

The XTEM Prep Kit makes it easy to stack and bond together rectangular wafers obtained from the area of interest of the bulk ceramic material. A vise assembly holds the wafers in place while the vacuum-compatible epoxy is curing. The wafer stack is subsequently cored and sectioned into disk specimens. The XTEM Prep Kit produces specimens with a high level of mechanical integrity and a consistent glue layer thickness. The kit includes all components needed to produce high-quality, cross - sectional specimens.

Key Applications and available processes

  • Create cross – sectional samples suitable for Argon ion milling and subsequent  transmission electro microscopy

General Documentation

Fischione Instruments Model 180 XTEM Prep Kit  SOP (standard operation procedure)


Daniel Lamont or Matt France

 Fischione Instruments Model 180 XTEM Prep Kit

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