Fischione Instruments Model 160 Specimen Grinder

Key Features

For transmission electron microscopy, the quality of the initial disk determines the quality of the final specimen. The Model 160 Specimen Grinder is an accurate and dependable tool for mechanically prethinning specimens. It produces specimens of uniform thickness and parallel sides within minutes. During the grinding process, a graduated scale allows the specimen thickness to be controlled easily and precisely. If further thinning via dimpling is required, the platen containing the specimen is simply ejected from the specimen grinder and installed directly into the Model 200 Dimpling Grinder.

Key Applications and available processes

  • Allows mechanical thinning of 3 mm disks for transmission electron microscopy from 500 um to < 100 um, with end point precision of +/- 10 um in terms of specimen thickness

General Documentation

Fischione Instruments Model 160 Specimen Grinder system SOP (standard operation procedure)


Daniel Lamont or Matt France

 Fischione Instruments Model 160 Specimen Grinder

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